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have the most serious injuries. >> with less severe but still serious injuries are the children between the ages of 6- 8 years old. >> i was scared. my little brother was under the tree. >> it happened on a day with no wind. our resident says it is not the first time. >> many times we have had branches fall like this. you wish it did not happen, of course. >> for children and adults, it was frightening. they were having fun and then suddenly they were in crisis. garfield park is one of the oldest in d.c., dating back to 1791. as for those who were hurt, we just talked to the reverend. she said the 51-year-old man is her husband and the 17-year-old volunteer is still behind closed doors with doctors. as for the children, ages 6-8,
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she said she expects two of the three children will probably be released later today. >> thank you very much. we are also on storm watch tonight as we brace for the heat wave headed this way. before the extreme heat a rise later this week, at first we have to get through some storms. >> indeed, the first thing from the doppler, a few showers headed to the metro area. heavier showers are along the shore. another storm is moving up just to the east and southeast. here is what we are dealing with coming up on thursday, and excessive heat wash -- heat what already posted for the afternoon and evening -- heat watch
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already posted for the afternoon and evening hours. look at what is already happening out west. it feels like 115 in minneapolis, 110 in omaha. that is the weather that is headed here thursday friday, and maybe even saturday. partly cloudy with thunderstorms in the next few hours. we will have more on our mini- heatwave in just a few minutes. >> thank you. we stay with the weather now because temperatures reached the low-90's today, but that is nothing compared to what parts of the middle of the country are experiencing with another day of temperatures in the 100's. but that weather is headed this way. we are live on the national mall with more on the extreme heat. >> d.c. fire crews say they have already seen a slight increase in the number of heat related calls they have gotten this week, but they are bracing for
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what is to come. the sweating is just getting started. >> little leaguers lineup before stepping up to the plate. to cut through the hot humid air, coaches are making sure the players are taking as many time out as turns at bat. >> use common sense. >> folks are forced to spend the day in temperatures flirting with the mid-90's. they are trying everything to keep cool. >> i tried to think of cool places. >> the mercury kline is just getting started. the d.c. region is expected to tout triple digits by the end of the week. >> friday it will be won a one- one a two. >> determined to tourists -- 101-102.
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>> determine tourists look for one oasis after another. >> it is hard to enjoy that much with this kind of weather. >> all agreed that the 90's are no fun but the humidity is what really makes the day and a drain. >> you just keep changing clothes and taking showers drinking water. >> already the heat has caused one business to have to change their hours. the department of motor vehicles will be adjusting their hours from thursday through sunday. they will be opening at 5:00 in the morning so that they can close at 1:00 in the afternoon. they say the safety of their employees is at stake. >> we want to see what you are doing to beat the heat. send your pictures or videos tim -- to >> one of the world's richest men spent the day in the hot seat. rupert murdoch and his son
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james were called before british parliament. a man attacked murdoch with a plate of shaving cream. his wife slapped the attacker. suzanne kennedy is in the satellite center with more. >> rupert murdoch is a man not used to having to answer to anyone but today he and his son were grilled for nearly three hours about a phone hacking scandal that has rocked his publishing empire. >> publishing icon rupert murdoch showed great contrition as he testified before a special session of the british parliament today. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >> the 80-year-old media mogul said he was shocked appalled, and a shame that the phone hacking at his tabloid newspaper, but he stopped short of taking the blame for the
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crisis, instead pointing fingers at those around him. >> they let me down and i think they betrayed the company and me. >> murdoch told the panel he had lost touch with what was going on at the 160-year-old newspaper, saying that "news of the world" is just 1% of the news corp. empire. ex-editor rebekah brooks has been arrested in the wake of the scandal. she also testified today. at one point, the hearing was interrupted by a comedian trying to put a plate of shaving cream into rupert murdoch's face. murdock plaza son apologized for illegal phone -- murdoch's sun apologize for illegal phone hacking. >> we do not think that should
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have any place in our business. >> the murdoch's had initially declined to go before parliament, only agreeing won a summons had been issued. despite putting out an apology murdoch said he has no plans to resign. >> thank you very much. back here at home, fairfax county police are on the hunt for a man they say broke into a woman's home and she and her children slept and then attacked her. this happened early saturday morning and this case appeared strikingly familiar to others in that area. our fairfax county bureau chief is live with the husband -- with what the husband of the latest victim is saying. >> he is an afghan immigrant and says he is ready to pack up and move his family back. he is so disturbed by what happened here. neighbors are telling us this is not the first time someone tried to break into this complex. it is very similar to what they
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saw in prince william county last month. >> it was a living nightmare for this family. >> she does not sleep through the night. same for our kids. >> he was away at work when his wife and young children discovered a masked man with a weapon who broke into their apartment. because he is still on the loose, the man's identity is still being protected. he says the man sexually assaulted his wife. >> he tried to escape. >> fairfax county police are looking at a similarity between this crime and several in woodbridge. the complexes are almost identical. both this complex in woodbridge and the one in fairfax county are located just off interstate 95. >> we do not believe it was the target hit attack. we believe it was random. >> those in the community say they are especially concerned because the crimes to five locks on doors and windows and the attacker is breaking into homes
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where children are present. >> somebody is going to come in my house, i am going to kill them. >> the man says he brought his family here from afghanistan to escape danger. now he is looking at moving them back. >> it is very bad in this area. >> during the course of the day today, people who live in this community have been going around and checking windows. they found at tens of someone trying to break in and our report -- attempts of someone trying to break in and are reporting goes to the police. >> also, police and guardian angels are stepping up their patrols along the local trails. since july 9th, three robberies have been reported on the metropolitan branch trail in northeast. the latest happen monday morning. guardian angels patrol wednesday
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and thursday night and planned to add two patrols on two different mornings each week. >> turning now to the debt showdown declaring an 11th- hour emergency, president obama praised the plan presented by a bipartisan group of senators known as the gang of six. >> what it says is that we have to be serious about reducing discretionary spending both in domestic spending and defense. we have to be serious about tackling health care spending and entitlement in a serious way, and we have to have some additional revenue. >> the president called the plan a balanced approach, but he urged the importance of coming up with a plan before the august 2nd deadline. we will have more on the debate as well as the effort to strike a deal in the house at 6:00. >> coming up, find out what caused a serious crash involving a police officer that stalled the morning commute. >> a teenager was accused of
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killing his parents and then throwing a party in the same house. strange details coming up. >> find out why martin sheen and matthew perry rallied with other celebrities today. >> is a huge nightmare. >> of virginia woman says she is stuck in the middle of a controversy that could cost her hundreds of dollars. her story is woman: saving for our
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>> a virginia woman says she is stuck in the middle of a telling nightmare. >> she said her roadside assistance covered her car being towed, but police have other ideas. >> what should have been free is costing hundreds of dollars. heather was not hurt, but six days after the accident -- >> i want my car back. >> her car is still and and and come on. she cannot afford to get it out -- in an inbound a lot.
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she cannot afford to get it out. she says it should not have gotten that far. she was offered free roadside assistance after the accident. a police officer showed up and insisted on calling their own roadside assistance. >> i said if you touch my car you're going to charge me to touch my car. i do not have the money to pay for this. >> the police called for a truck that cost $400. she cannot pay it, so the car is still there. the police chief says the clearing accident sites fast is a safety issue. if a car is near the side of the road, we have an obligation to remove the vehicle before we leave the scene. meanwhile, she has a job interview tomorrow. >> i have no way of getting there. >> she says police told her it
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would take a month to investigate and she needs the car now. in the meantime he says that the card charges are legitimate but he might be able to work something out if she gives him a call. >> now to florida where a teenager accused of killing his parents in their home appears in court for the first time. the 17-year-old is accused of using a hammer to kill his parents and leaving their bodies on the bedroom floor. hours later, he threw a party at the house. the parents were found locked in the master bedroom. >> it was a merciless killing. it was brutal. and then a facebook invitation of a party, to have your friends and 40-60 people come over,
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speaks volumes. >> police say they do not know the motive. it appears that he posted the facebook invitation early in the afternoon, before the murders. the 17-year-old is being held without bond and is under suicide watch. >> we are not the only ones settling in for the week-long heat wave. more than a dozen states from ohio to oklahoma are under some sort of heat watch right now. people who work outdoors are doing their best to stay cool and high traded -- hydrated. high school athletes are trying to avoid the hottest parts of the day. all major cities on the east coast will be reaching this blistering 100 degree mark. that is incredible. >> we were talking about that last night. >> my 14-year-old son is at football camp. i asked him to text me that he is still alive. he said it is hot but fun.
5:18 pm
>> when you are young, right? >> we are ramping things up. the highest temperatures most uncomfortable levels of whether are going to be thursday, friday saturday. let's get you started with our coverage on tuesday. a couple of showers for you moving now into northern calvert county. that is just west of rock bill. we will -- rockville. there is going to be more moisture in the air which will make it even muggier through the night. some clouds will roll through there and drop the temperature is a little bit but it will be a very humid evening. 96 was the high. it feels like 99 rainout. that is cool, 99. there is an excessive heat watch
5:19 pm
for thursday, friday and saturday. this could be expanded to a warning or may be extended. here are the latest numbers updated. still some low-90's widespread. did you point temperature is in the 70's -- the dew point temperature is in the 70's, and that is why it feels so much hotter. it is 100 in kansas city, 95 in omaha. when you factor in the moisture you get these crazy readings, 118 he index in minneapolis 106 in indianapolis, 113 in kansas city. there are clouds moving through.
5:20 pm
it will be human. there could be an isolated storms. -- cuba and -- humid. there could be isolated storms. here is tomorrow, 90-95, hot and humid. it will feel a lot warmer. 100 on thursday, one out to on friday. -- 100 two on friday. -- 102 on friday. >> that speaks for itself and i do not like what it is saying. >> time now for our latest
5:21 pm give away. >> the winner will receive a vip passes to audition for "who wants to be a millionaire" when it comes to town. we will be giving away five more of these spots tomorrow, so make sure you tune in. >> congratulations. coming up extreme eating awards from cheeseburgers to cheesecakes. find out which popular restaurant items are packed with the most calories. >> we will tell you what protesters in d.c. are rallying about, and we will hear martin sheen pos
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>> celebrities joined forces today in d.c., including actor martin sheen. >> we have the details on what all of the celebrities are here rallying about. >> they are here for drug court which offers people who are charged with a non-violent crime, who did not use a weapon or are not facing a sex charge, a shot that we have to get their life back together. they say it is worthy of congressional support. a taste of star power lobbying congress to continue its nearly
5:25 pm
$90 million investment into such programs nationwide. for matthew perry, drug addiction hits close to home. >> at one point in my life, i took in of prescription drug medication to kill a small horse. >> martin sheen passionately called for congress to keep the funding. >> we need to focus on those most in need who have no voice. that is the primary focus of drug court. >> republicans and democrats spoke out in support of the program. >> they reduce crime and reunite families. >> we need to treat drug addiction as a health problem and we need to reserve the space in our prison for those who are violent. >> elizabeth johnson was arrested in an illinois cracow's at 17. since drug court she has cleaned up her life and become a
5:26 pm
state's attorney for the man who created drug court in her state. >> i have come full circle. apparently in the only drug court graduate that is now prosecutor. >> she said drug lord saved her life. advocates say while the programs -- drug court saved her life. advocates say will the programs are good, they're too expensive. >> while on capitol hill today we broke some news to martin sheen about his son, charlie. take a look. >> how do you feel about that? >> that is news to me. i did not see it in the paper. what is the show? >> charlie sheen is set to star in a new sitcom, "anger management." it is based on the 2003 movie. there is no word on what network will air the show, who will co- star or when production will begin. after a month of highly
5:27 pm
publicized reims sheen -- publicize rancets sheen was fired from his sitcom. >> of next, wedding crashers. >> and pepsico says that some of its customers may be to blame -- pepco says some customers may be to blame for power outages. >>
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>> we are following breaking news. a deadly accident leads to a traffic mess. at 3:00 today a multi vehicle crashed shut the road down. three cars and trucks were involved. one person died and one was hurt. right now, the eastbound road is closed. overnight, a crash involving a montgomery county police officer caused a morning mass on the road. >> it also sent two people to the hospital. we're live with the latest. >> according to police, all three people injured in the accident are going to make a full recovery. the officer has been released from the hospital. the real damage was to the commute. this was a very busy road. for nine hours it was closed in
5:31 pm
both directions. it backed up here. it backed up everywhere. this montgomery county police officer was racing southbound to a priority call for a domestic situation when he lost control of his cruiser. he veered across the road and hit back car heading north. it was a nasty collision. >> i heard a crash. >> the officer as well as the people in that green toyota were taken to a hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening. serious damage however was done to the morning rush hour. >> very terrible. >> after the midnight accident, the road was closed for more than nine hours while the montgomery county police crash reconstruction team worked the scene. normally called out for fatal rex, the train unit was summit because an officer was involved
5:32 pm
and apparently at fault. it took time for them to get here and hours for them to gather evidence. >> each investigation is handled the same way whether there is an officer involved or civilians involved, there is a process that needs to be followed. >> that is the official explanation for the fouled up commute, and to me that got so bad some even abandoned their cars. -- a commute that got so bad some even abandoned their cars. tonight, travel lanes are open and people are moving what we would call smoothly. after the investigation, police still cannot say why the accident happened, why the officer lost control of his vehicle. >> thank you very much. some new developments tonight in the custody fight over baby m. the utah supreme court has ruled against the virginia man
5:33 pm
fighting for custody of a daughter he has never met. the child was adopted in 2009 after his girlfriend signed papers without his permission. he says he now plans to take his fight all the way to the u.s. supreme court. >> a huge branch snapped off a tree and fell on top of a church summer camp this afternoon. this happened in garfield park. five people were injured including a 17-year-old boy who was knocked unconscious. three people under the age of nine were hurt. authorities tell us that the trees between 70-80 years old. >> rupert murdoch spent the day testifying before british parliament. he and his son were summoned to answer questions about their tabloid phone hacking scandal. amid the hearing someone charged at murdoch with a plate of shaving cream. >> meanwhile police are on the hunt for a man who broke into a woman's home and sexually assaulted her early sunday
5:34 pm
morning. investigators are looking at similarities between this and several other incidents just to the south. >> tonight pepco says it needs to trim more trees to help prevent ongoing power problems. it is asking montgomery county for special permission. many homeowners do not want them to come anywhere near their trees. we are live in northwest washington with this story. >> pepco says that the biggest contributor to power outages is trees. they say the problem is that hundreds of customers would not let pepco trimmed them. >> the last blizzard may have been a year-and-a-half ago, but she remembers it as if it were yesterday. >> my baby was two months old and we lost power for one week. i was post-cesarean section. we had to go to patel. >> for him the summer is the
5:35 pm
worst. >> we have lost power for two three, four days at a clip for the last few years. >> pepco wednesday authority to cut down trees even without the homeowners can -- wants the authority to cut down trees even without the home owner's consent. >> it is ridiculous. >> they just chop a chunk out of the way. they are not arborists. >> montgomery county agrees. they want them to use best practices when it comes to tree trimming. >> that is what we are trying to achieve. there must be a balance. >> they say homeowners who refuse to let them trim are impacting everyone else. >> when you of several hundred under dangerous trees, you're talking about thousands of outages. >> they say they trim their trees themselves.
5:36 pm
they admit that they have never asked pepco to help because they do not want their trees to look like their neighbors down the street. >> so far special permission has not been granted. they're asking for proof that pepco plans to use special practices in cutting and trimming trees in the future. >> thank you. crews have finished fixing leaky water main that caused a mass this morning. it happened after crews found a leak underground while making scheduled repairs last night. the road reopened just before four o'clock this afternoon. >> time now for a check on the traffic situation. we have details. >> we saw the problem on eastbound braddock road just before 123. all lanes are blocked because of
5:37 pm
an accident involving a dump truck. that is causing significant delays near shirley a road. there are delays no matter what camera you look at. very slow on the loop near the northwest branch. also delays on the outer loop near the beltway. very heavy from river road 2 reet 7. back to you in the studio. >> coming up after 40 years in business borders books is closing its doors. we will tell you why. >> a permanent memorial is in the works for caylee anthony. where in the world is casey anthony? >> deals at the supermarket sound good, but why they may have you buying much more
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5:40 pm
a lot of people are still outraged by casey anthony's acquittal. >> that is one reason people do not know where she has gone, now that she has been released from prison.
5:41 pm
>> on this orlandos street, this man is building a permanent memorial to the two-year-old at the center of the notorious case. mourners can turn their thoughts away from the mother and for the child. >> we're trying to focus on the little girl whose life was taken prematurely. >> americans hold grudges especially if the accused has a that's my story and i'm sticking to its attitude. think o.j. 6since then. even amy fisher has felt america's corn. some say, leave her alone and respect the verdict. a pr expert says anthony is a special case that he would not
5:42 pm
waste his time on. >> in order for there to be any sort of a comeback, there has to be somebody in your cheering section. the murder of your own child crosses all boundaries, rich to poor. she is untouchable. >> surprisingly, back at the memorial, were strangers gathered to cry of the case, some disagree. there've been to -- their open to forgiveness, with one condition. >> tell the truth. >> coming of next at 5:00, it is an infamous award, given to restaurants with the highest salary -- highest calorie menu items. >> and the pop star crash as a wedding. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1. we help them save money with generic prescriptions. we talk to them about prescription safety and -- help them save money. plus we discuss possible side effects and --
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help them save money! we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too.
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eat fresh®. >> we are on your side tonight with some menu items you may want to avoid when you go out to eat. >> a pack a calorie punch. >> with 450 calories, remember when the big mac was the example of that the, like calorie foods?
5:46 pm
today, it would be considered low-cal, compared to these. >> this is the cheesecake factory's farmhouse cheeseburger. >> 1,530 calories. add the red bell the cheese cake for dessert and that is another 1540 plus three days' worth of saturated fat. the meltdown is from denny's. it is a fry's -- fried cheese and milk with cheese sticks. >> i would never eat that. >> that is 12 days worth of food and they only have one item. >> every year, they test food from chain restaurants awarding the most fattening. this year, apple these one by topping its fettuccine with cheese stuffed meatballs. that is 1,500 calories in one
5:47 pm
dish. >> i have to share. i will not eat it by myself. >> today's winners contribute to obesity, heart disease high blood pressure and other problems. >> this shake is the kicker. >> one large peanut butter and jelly shake is like drinking two large t. bone steaks plus a buttered bakinged potato. >> out. that gives you an idea of how extremely caloric these dishes are. >> if that report does not deter you, think about this. try a bigger force. a new study found that people who used -- if work -- fork. a new study found that people who used a bigger fork left more
5:48 pm
food on their plate when they were served large portions. this applies to restaurant customers only. >> worth a try. a pair of newlyweds had the ultimate wedding crashers story and pictures to prove it. look at this. >> it is just been -- justin bieber! >> he and his girlfriend were taking a nine stroll when they heard one of his hits blasting from a nearby reception. they walked on in much to the surprise of the bride and groom. >> we are as shocked as anyone to see him scamper by. i was actually wiping take off my face. to see him come running by was a thrilling experience. >> i do not think anybody anticipated a celebrity sighting at our wawedding. quite a state 5-10 minutes
5:49 pm
enough time to snap photos -- >> they only stayed 5-10 minutes, enough time to snap photos with the bride and groom. >> he was screaming. >> it was hilarious. he is one of the biggest stars on the planet. >> he should come by on their honeymoon to top that. >> really. >> someone is going to have to ask him about that. [laughter] >> before we get to that, we have to let everybody know what is coming up tonight in prime time. and on the wipeout kicks off tonight at 8:00 followed by 101 ways to win the game show. then it 10:00, members of a wedding party are injured in taliban crossfire. stick around for abc news at 11:00. get a hold of yourself.
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>> coming at the 6:00 -- do you have any bieber sightings? >> not yet. however, we have some sightings in the house of representatives and the senate. it may be the end of the debt ceiling debate. a group of senators may have a plan to make everyone happy. a d.c. councilman wants to stop the district plan for online gambling even before it starts. we will have that and more for you coming up at 6:00. >> can we send bieber to the debt limit debate? maybe he can help find a solution. [laughter] let's check in with doug on the heat wave. >> it is muggy out there right now. let's start with the doppler radar. a few downpours showing up towards french ship and rose haven.
5:51 pm
it is diminishing after areas of great falls. heavier storms are developing north and west of the friedrichs area. there is an excessive heat watch in effect on thursday. temperatures are in the 80's where we have had rain, 90's where there is no rain. it feels like 104 in the district right now. check these numbers. 98 in omaha 100 in topeka, 95 in minneapolis but this is what it actually feels like, 118 degrees in minneapolis, 111 in st. louis. that is headed this way. isolated storms through the day tomorrow. 100 on thursday, 102 on friday, wondered one on saturday. we will get a bit of a break -- 101 on saturday. we will get a bit of a break
5:52 pm
into next week. log onto for all kinds of information including a block on the heat wave. >> what is the word on the nfl? is there a deal yet? >> they are so close is unbelievable. there is an agreement in principle. executives of all 32 teams will be briefed on thursday and friday on how to handle free agency and the rookie salary system. we're close so close in fact that the redskin players can almost feel it. >> 5 4 3 2, 1. >> counting down and shaping up for what hopefully is the end of the lockout. that is what some current and former redskins were up to today. >> i am waiting for official word before i get my hopes up. >> the two sides continue to hammer out details in washington and new york. these players were working out on a high school field in north
5:53 pm
virginia. the consensus, no sweat. the deal will be done very soon. >> my mom works at stadiums back in oakland. people like that are affected, the hotels. i hope we will get something done to help the economy out. >> hopefully by the end of this week friday at the latest. we will see. >> the deal will be done in time for the redskins to open training camp as scheduled a week from thursday. >> [inaudible] we need to think about what we should do to be a better football player and move forward. >> speaking of tough i want to introduce you to chat reeves, a motocross star. at the race the other day, he did this. look at that? are you kidding me?
5:54 pm
he lands are coming down and now, momentarily stunned -- he lands hard, down and out momentarily stunned, and then finishes 14th. chad reeves is our iron man of the week flying high in motor across as we continue through sports on this tuesday.
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>> border's books and music is the latest bookstore casualty. >> all stores will be shutting down. liquidation could begin as early as friday. customers are devastated. >> i am a book fanatic. >> book lovers, get ready for another blow, another bookstore about to go. borders books and music all 399 locations, will shut down after a last-minute attempt to sell the 40-year-old bankrupt business failed.
5:58 pm
>> i am very sad in. i like paper books. this is very bad for our community. >> i enjoy going to the bookstore. >> they spent two hours browsing for books after coffee and bagels. big savings could start as early as friday. the plan is to begin liquidating before the weekend. >> it is sad, but the economy and the culture changes. we have e-books. >> as you can see, the parking lot at this bookstore is full. the store has been open since 1994. we spoke with some of the employees to be looked shellshocked and sad. >> i think is a shame. >> more than 10 belsen employees nationwide will lose their job. this -- 10,000 employees nationwide will lose their job.
5:59 pm
when the book itself became a dying john wrote -- >> we lost something because of that. >> observers said borders rolled into e-books way too late. >> that does it for us it 5:00. next at 6:00, triple digit temperatures had our way. we will have the latest on what to expect. plus rupert murdoch takes the stand in the hacking scandal. see what happened that shut down that hearing. could this solution be on the way to solve the nation's debt issues? we have late breaking affirmation right now at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc-7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> our big story at 6:00, brace yourself. it may be hot now, but it is going to get a lot hotter. >> as of the last hour, the hyatt reagan national airport was 96 degrees. -- the height
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